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Hello, my name is Sara. I am a lover of food and cooking. By day you will find me working for a non-profit and by night you will find me in my kitchen prepping, creating and cooking. I wouldn't say I have a cooking niche. I love to cook everything and anything. I love recipes, but I don't love to follow them. I think of them more as guidelines. Cooking allows you to add, subtract and be creative with what you're making. I can take an idea and turn it into something completely different. I think that's what I love about cooking most. I make it my own and share it with others.

Here you will find my personal favorites, new cooking adventures and dishes worth sharing. I have grown up cooking. With a degree in journalism, I thought why not? I love to cook and write. It's the perfect combination. I am excited to share this journey with you.

Right Now: Watching an unhealthy amount of cooking shows, remodeling our house, loving my Le Creuset cookware, dreaming of summer and my vegetable garden.

Favorite Seasoning: Pepper... by far my favorite. My husband would probably tell you I use way to much pepper. It's just so good on everything.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel t31 + EF 35mm f/2 Lens

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